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5 steps that will maximize your Etsy & Shopify inventory experience

Updated: May 9, 2023

Our mission is to save you time by turning your Shopify store to your inventory management source of truth. shopUpz app provides 4 main capabilities that will help you to control and manage your inventory on one store:

  1. Both ways quantity sync so you will not oversell

  2. Export listings from Shopify to Etsy

  3. Import listings from Etsy to Shopify

  4. Replicate orders from Etsy to Shopify .

Here are 5 steps that will maximize your experience using our app and manage your inventory seamlessly between the stores :

1.For Etsy sellers that have just created Shopify store - set SKUs to your Etsy listings and import all of your Etsy listings from Etsy to Shopify using our import listings wizard

2. Export listings via the app wizard - going forward create new listings on Shopify. Set SKUs , quantity , images and additional listing information. Export the listings via our export listings wizard

4. Update and restocking quantity - best to update on Shopify.

5. Sold out on Etsy - when listing sold out on Etsy. This is the only case where you should restock and renew the listing on Etsy, not on Shopify.

6.Import orders from Etsy to Shopify - consolidate all of your orders in Shopify . Our app will import new and paid orders from Etsy to Shopify and will update Etsy orders as fulfilled once the order is fulfilled on Shopify. This way you will be able to fulfill all of your orders on Shopify and view and analyze all of your sales in a centralized place. It's also great for print on demand sellers and if you are working with an external supplier.

Happy sales :-)

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