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Shipping profile - export listings

shopUpz can help you to easily export your listings from Shopify to Etsy via our export listings wizard. In order to export you need to create "FIXED" shipping profile on Etsy, please make sure that the shipping profile is tagged as FIXED and not calculated.

After the export you can change the shipping profile as you need (for example to calculated)

You can also view how to export listings and create shipping profile in our step by step export listing tutorial

Here are the steps to create FIXED shipping profile:

  1. Go to your Etsy admin store

  2. On the left side menu click on "Settings"

  3. On the left side sub menu click on "Shipping settings"

  4. Click on "Create profile" button and fill the relevant fields

  5. At "what you'll charge" please select "Fixed price"

  6. Click submit


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