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Re-sync Etsy order into Shopify

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

shopUpz app mission is to set your Shopify store as the source of truth. One of our key capabilities is to import new and paid orders from Etsy to Shopify on a regular basis. We import orders based on existing SKUs that were created on Etsy order and those listing should also exist on Shopify. In order to make sure that all of your SKUs exists both on Etsy and Shopify it's recommended to export quantities as described here .

That said, in case shopUpz app tried to import an order and failed to replicate it into Shopify you can :

  1. Click on orders page at the left menu

  2. Resolve the issue based on the error message, for example add the missing SKU to Shopify.

  3. Click on "Re-sync order" icon as described in the red box below

  4. Order will be imported again from Etsy to Shopify (all order status types are valid)

  5. Please make sure that the red circle after few seconds turns to green check sign. In case error occurred please review the error and go over the steps 1-6 again.

Happy sales,


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