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Export Etsy and Shopify Quantities

In order to be on top of your Etsy and Shopify inventory you may need to review it from time to time and review the following listing status:

  • Low in stock

  • Sold out

  • Listings that exist on Shopify and missing on Etsy

  • Listings that exist on Etsy and missing on Shopify

  • Discrepancy in SKUs - listings that don't have SKUs (by mistake)

You can easily track and monitor via shopUpz app. Here are the steps inside shopUpz app :

  1. Go to "Inventory" tab

  2. Click on "Export Quantities" -> "Export all" button

3.CSV file will be sent via email to your inbox after several minutes. Please check your inbox folder for an email with title : "Export quantities completed"

4.If you can not find the email please look at your spam folder or search email from:

Here is an example of the email that you should receive :

Best practice - receive insights over your inventory

Inside the excel file you will find 5 columns :

  1. Title - listing name

  2. SKU

  3. Etsy quantity

  4. Shopify quantity

  5. Differences - if there is "X" , that means that there is a difference in the quantities between Etsy and Shopify

Find quantity differences between Etsy and Shopify :

In case you are not syncing all of your Etsy and Shopify quantities , you can filter and find the quantities on each store.

  • Add a filter to the "Differences" column and select "X"

  • When you have on Shopify two numbers as displayed below "4,4" - it means that you have two SKUs on Shopify.

Find low and out of stock on Etsy and Shopify :

  • Out of stock - filter Etsy/Shopify quantity = 0

  • Low in stock - let's assume that your threshold is 5 for out of stock. Select on Etsy/Shopify quantity stocks of "5,4,3,2,1"

Additional insights:

There are many other insights that you can get from your SKUs and quantities :

  • Best sellers - define different thresholds to different products. Some products will sell overnight so you need to make sure that you have enough in stock and some take several days/weeks to be sold.

  • You may be missing some listings on Shopify or on Etsy. It's a great and easy way to locate the missing listings and publish them in the relevant store.

Keep sales coming in!

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