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Order Sync Installation

shopUpz inventory app allows you to replicate your orders from Shopify to Etsy with a click of a button.
As an Etsy and Shopify seller you may want to use Shopify as your order management source of truth. If you manage a (print on demand) POD store that works with suppliers or wants to view all of your order at a centralized place this is the solution for you!

Note - order sync is an optional capability. You can decide not to enable it or not.

What order details do we replicate from Etsy to Shopify ?

Do Sync – We replicate only NEW PAID orders with the following fields:
Buyer note, Order amount, Customer name, Customer email, Customer address – country, city, address line1, country code, country name, personalization & gift message .

Etsy personalization and buyer notes are replicated to order description field in Shopify.

Shopify gateway field will be set with ="etsy" value so you can filter your Etsy originated orders on Shopify.

Shopify additional notes - will be set with "etsy_receipt" and Etsy receipt #number.

In addition, once the order is fulfilled with a tracking number on Shopify order, the app can also update the tracking number and set the order as fulfilled on Etsy.

Don’t sync – Any order update like fulfilled , refund , cancelled or any other update will not get replicated from Etsy to Shopify.

How do we sync order listings ?

shopUpz app replicate order listings based on their SKU following those rules :

  • All of Etsy’s order SKUs should exist also on Shopify.

  • SKU doesn’t exist on Shopify – if one or more of the order’s SKUs are missing on Shopify listings , the order will not be replicated to Shopify.
    Example : Etsy new paid order with SKU=123 was created.
    Shopify doesn’t have SKU= 123.
    Expected result – order will not be created on Shopify.

Duplicate SKUs – we do provide you the option to replicate orders for duplicate SKUs on Shopify. That said, by default this capability is disabled and you can easily enable it on the “advanced settings” tab at the “order setting” tab.

Example : you have 2 different listings using the same SKU=123. The first listing is in the sales category and the order is the best seller category.

Scenario 1 – order duplicate handling is ENABLED:

  • New paid order was created on Etsy with SKU=123

  • shopUpz identified that SKU=123 appears twice on Shopify 

  • shopUpz will create the order on Shopify with the first listing with SKU=123

 Scenario 2 – order duplicate handling is DISABLED:

  • New paid order was created on Etsy with SKU=123

  • shopUpz identified that SKU=123 appears twice on Shopify 

  • shopUpz will note create order on Shopify and alert notification will appear on shopUpz order dashboard

Installation step by step - Order replication from Etsy to Shopify

1.Install shopUpz inventory on Shopify app store
2.Enter to your Shopify store
3.If you are a new client – click on the “Install app” button and follow steps 1-8 in of the initial installation phase
4.If you are existing client – tab click on “Order” tab
5.Click on “Enable orders sync” button 


6.Click on “Authenticate” button


7.Click on “update app” button


8.Click on  “Click and Continue”


9.Congrts ! you are done :-)

10.Go to orders tab. Going forward all of your Etsy new and paid orders will be synced to Shopify


Advanced settings (optional)

In case you would like to change the default settings, click on the “advanced settings” tab :

  • Order sync - click on "Disable" button to stop the automatic order sync.

  • Duplicate handling - in case you have duplicate SKUs at your Shopify or Etsy store and you do want to replicate orders that contain those SKUs click on "Enable" button.
    When a new order will come in with SKU that exist more than once on Shopify , shopUpz will select the first listing with this SKU and add it to the replicated order.

  • Update Etsy Orders -


Identify imported Etsy orders

You can identify Etsy imported orders to Shopify on the order "Additional Details" section as displayed below

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