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4 steps that will maximize your Etsy & Shopify inventory experience

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Our mission is to save you time by turning your Shopify store to your inventory management source of truth. shopUpz app provides 3 main capabilities that will help you to control and manage your inventory on one store:

  1. Bi-directional quantity sync so you will not oversell

  2. Export listings from Shopify to Etsy

  3. Replicate orders from Etsy to Shopify .

Here are 4 steps that will maximize your experience using our app and manage your inventory seamlessly between the stores :

1. Create a new listing on Shopify - set SKUs , quantity , images and additional listing information

2. Export listings via the app wizard

3. Update and restocking quantity - best to update on Shopify.

4. Sold out on Etsy - when listing sold out on Etsy. This is the only case where you should restock and renew the listing on Etsy, not on Shopify.

Happy sales :-)

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