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Why my listing does not exported from Shopify to Etsy

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

There can be many reasons for getting errors while trying to export your listings from Shopify to Etsy. I will cover some of the common error and resolutions :

  • Error description - you can view the error message under the "Export Listings" tab -> "Sync History" tab. Hover the "Error Message" column to view the full error description

Here are some of the common errors :

  • Calculated Shipping Profile - if you shipping default profile settings set to calculated shipping you need to change it to "Fix" Shipping. Read full error description and resolution here

  • Etsy Max Quantity - make sure that your Shopify quantity <=999 Etsy max quantity per variation or listing <=999

  • Etsy Min Quantity - make sure that your total Shopify listing quantity >0 For example if you have "red shirt" with 3 size variations "Small", "Medium", "Large" Small quantity = 1 Medium quantity = 0 Large quantity = 0 You can not set Small quantity with zero since the total quantity has to be >1

  • SKU already exist on Etsy - You can export listings that their SKUs does not exist on Etsy. If the listing already set on Etsy and you still want to replicate it , you can change the SKU on Etsy and export the listing again.

  • SKU max characters length - SKUs are limited to 32 characters on Etsy

  • Etsy Min Pricing - Etsy minimum price is 0.2 for all currencies. You must set the price on Shopify to be >=0.5

  • Links Etsy Photos - on Etsy you can link images only to the primary variation option e.g. "color" . You need to make sure that your Etsy primary option is your Shopify first option Read the full instructions here

  • All combinations of property values must be supplied - The error means that if you have a Shopify set of options then you need to make sure that all of the options combination exist in the variations. Here is an example of listing with 2 options "S M L" and color "Red White"

You must set in Shopify 6 variations (size * color ) = 2*3 = 6

S Red

M Red

L Red

S White

M White

L White

If you haven't set the full combinations of the options then you will get this error.

Reolustion - this error is common if you published your listings from Printify and some of your variations were out of stock. Printify has integration with both Etsy and Shopify so you can export those listings directly from Printify as described here

  • Tags - listing contains invalid tags values or length greater than 20 characters The error means that you have tried to export invalid tags to Etsy. Solution - you can either fix your tags to align with Etsy limitations or you can remove/uncheck the check box on "Etsy Fields Mapping" section on "include tags in the export" so it will not export the tags. Here are Etsy tags limitations:

    • You can use a maximum of 13 tags.

    • You must not have duplicated tags.

    • Tags cannot be longer than 20 characters.

    • Tags may only contain letters, digits, hyphens, single quotes and spaces or underscores.

  • Product title limitations

    • 140 characters limit

    • number (no special characters allowed as the first symbol/character, e.g. quotation marks)

    • Titles cannot start with a space

    • The following characters may only be used once in a title: %: &

    • The following characters may not be used: $ ^ `. °

    • Titles may not contain more than three words in capital letters

    • Please use both upper and lower case letters in your titles

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