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Why my listing does not exported from Shopify to Etsy

Updated: Feb 28

There can be many reasons for getting errors while trying to export your listings from Shopify to Etsy. I will cover some of the common error and resolutions :

  • Error description - you can view the error message under the "Export Listings" tab -> "Sync History" tab. Hover the "Error Message" column to view the full error description

Here are some of the common errors :

  • Calculated Shipping Profile - if you shipping default profile settings set to calculated shipping you need to change it to "Fix" Shipping. Read full error description and resolution here

  • Etsy Max Quantity - make sure that your Shopify quantity <=999 Etsy max quantity per variation or listing <=999

  • Etsy Min Quantity - make sure that your total Shopify listing quantity >0 For example if you have "red shirt" with 3 size variations "Small", "Medium", "Large" Small quantity = 1 Medium quantity = 0 Large quantity = 0 You can not set Small quantity with zero since the total quantity has to be >1

  • SKU already exist on Etsy - You can export listings that their SKUs does not exist on Etsy. If the listing already set on Etsy and you still want to replicate it , you can change the SKU on Etsy and export the listing again.

  • Etsy Min Pricing - Etsy minimum price is 0.2 for all currencies. You must set the price on Shopify to be >=0.5

  • Links Etsy Photos - on Etsy you can link images only to the primary variation option e.g. "color" . You need to make sure that your Etsy primary option is your Shopify first option Read the full instructions here

  • All combinations of property values must be supplied - The error means that if you have a Shopify set of options then you need to make sure that all of the options combination exist in the variations. Here is an example of listing with 2 options "S M L" and color "Red White"

You must set in Shopify 6 variations (size * color ) = 2*3 = 6

S Red

M Red

L Red

S White

M White

L White

If you haven't set the full combinations of the options then you will get this error.

  • Tags - listing contains invalid tags values or length greater than 20 characters The error means that you have tried to export invalid tags to Etsy. Solution - you can either fix your tags to align with Etsy limitations or you can remove/uncheck the check box on "Etsy Fields Mapping" section on "include tags in the export" so it will not export the tags. Here are Etsy tags limitations:

  • You can use a maximum of 13 tags.

  • You must not have duplicated tags.

  • Tags cannot be longer than 20 characters.

  • Tags may only contain letters, digits, hyphens, single quotes and spaces or underscores.

  • Images - Could not update variation images because of the following error : variation with property_id 100 and value_id XXX is invalid. Solution - please make sure that you are following Etsy's image requirements as described here

  • Images - background color changed to green or black - Solution - please make sure that you are following Etsy's image requirements as described here

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