Inventory Sync Installation

shopUpz Inventory app allows you to instantly connect Shopify with Etsy to automate your inventory quantity between your stores automatically, so you can focus on growing your business.

Set SKUs on Etsy and Shopify

shopUpz App installation is quick and easy. Before installing the App validate:

  • SKUs are set to all of your listing and variations.

  • Inventory on Shopify and Etsy are updated and aligned.

Note – variation’s SKUs inside a listings have to be unique. Good example :listing – cool shirt: variation#1 Green shirt – SKU = G-shirt ; variation #2 Red shirt – SKU = R-shirt.

You can re-use the same SKU on different listings just not in the same listing.

Installation step by step

  1. Install shopUpz inventory on Shopify app store

  2. Enter to your Shopify store

  3. Click on the “Install app” button 


4.Login to your Etsy store

5. Click on “Connect to your Etsy store” button

6.Click on “Authenticate” button


7.Click on “Allow Access” button

8. Click on “click to continue” button


Congrats !! you’ve successfully installed shopUpz inventory app.

9.Go to “Advanced Settings” Tab 


10.Sync SKU (Optional) – In case you want to sync only specific SKUs cross Shopify and Etsy , check “Include skus in sync process”.

10.1 Enter SKUs that you want to sync

11.Duplicate handling (optional) –  if you manage duplicate SKUs in the same market place and you want their inventory to sync , click on “Enable”.

12.Batch update – click “Enable” to start the sync process.

Initial inventory quantity sync

Click on “Start Syncing” button, this operation will:

  • Start updating all of your Etsy’s active listings and Shopify’s listings quantities based on the latest quantity update date.

  • Manage Duplicate – if you manage duplicate SKUs in the same market place , we will also take care of it and update the duplicates automatically for you.


  1. Your listing with SKU= “R-shirt” last update occurred on Shopify, then Shopify will update Etsy quantity.

  2. Your listing with SKU= “G-shirt” last update occurred on Etsy, then Etsy will update Shopify quantity.


Your inventory update may take several minutes. Meanwhile, enjoy your coffee .. take a 15 minutes break :-)

Congratulations ,your sync completed successfully!
Going forward  we will listen to all of your inventory updates on Shopify/Etsy and will sync every 15 minutes  


Advanced settings (optional)

In case you would like to change the default settings, click on the “advanced settings” tab :

  • Batch update – click on “Disable” button to stop the automatic sync.

  • Duplicate handling – by default we are looking for duplicate SKUs in your local store. If you want us to “ignore” duplicate listings please click on the “Disable” button.

  • Sync SKU – this section is for testing purposes . If you want us to update only specific SKUs please check the box and add the SKUs you would like to test.