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Manage your inventory with a click of a button
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How It Works

shopUpz inventory is the leading Shopify app that sync your inventory and orders between Etsy and Shopify.
You won't believe how much time we will save you!

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Why Choose shopUpz

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Export all of your listings from Shopify to Etsy with one click of a button!

Fast and easy listing import of your images, listing title, description tags and more... saves you lot of time so you can easily sell both on Shopify and Etsy 



It's time for you to focus on growing your business , prepare to pick sales and let us automate your manual stock updates.


Replicate orders from Etsy to Shopify

Use Shopify as your order management source of truth.
Automatically sync new orders from Etsy to Shopify .



Home: About

How does shopUpz sync your inventory & orders 

If you want shopUpz to update your listings and variations you need to set SKUs for each listing and variations. If your listing/variation won’t have SKU we will assume that you don’t want to link between the products. Once you will decide to set SKUs shopUpz will link between the listings and update the inventory. 

Duplicate SKUs

You might want to display the same SKU under different categories or names (for better SEO). One example can be: new green T-shirt that will appear under the new collection &  green shirts collection. That means that the green Shirt will have 2 different listings on Etsy using the same SKU. When a new order comes we will deduce inventory quantity from all of the other listings with the same SKU on your store. The same concept works when you manage duplicate SKUs on Shopify.  


It will take up to 15 minutes to update your inventory both on Etsy and Shopify. For example, a new order is submitted, cancelled and even on manual inventory update.


Using our dashboard you are able to view and track all of your Etsy and Shopify stocks side by side in one centralized place . No need to switch between your stores.
P.S. – you will be surprised how much time it will save you :-)

What Can We Help You With

We would LOVE to assist you with any question

Home: About

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Etsy & Shopify Store Owners Reviews

5 Stars Review App

Trove & Co.

This app is bi-directional, so anytime there is a sale on either platform, it keeps track of the inventory. Very happy with it, and Shirly even checks in to see if we ever need assistance. Thank you for the great app and service!

Smileyboy Beads

This app works. It keeps your stock synced between etsy and shopify. Customer service is amazing. Any time I've had a question Shirly gets back to me quickly and has wonderful friendly communication.

Silver and Moldavite

Must have app!!! Best app for Etsy and Shopify owner for easy inventory control. Besides this app being the best, I would give another 5 stars to customer service. Can only wish all support would be like that. Thank you!

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