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Shopify & Etsy Efficiency

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Have you also felt that the day passed by, it’s already 6PM but you’ve done nothing yet ? stick around, you are not alone !

Hi Ladies and gents, This is my first blog post so I’m very excited to write and share my insights and experience working for Shopify and Etsy store owners.

Just so you know a bit about me, my name is Shirly I’m a mother and an entrepreneur. I’ve built a Shopify app that syncs inventory between Etsy and Shopify automatically in real time so store owners will not need to waste their time and update manually their inventory.

Being a store owner requires to have many different skill sets: marketing manager, service agent , seller , product owner. The problem is how can you make all at once and be successful at all areas ?

Success drives success , focus on what you are good at !!! Delegate, don’t do everything on your own !!! Define short term goals, keep it lean !!!”

Here are #3 Rules for successful store

Rule #1 - success drives success , focus on what you are good at !!!

If your strength is providing the best service than make sure that each of your customers is a happy customer and provides 5 starts review.

So even if at the beginning your orders volume will be low you know that this client will post 5 stars review and share it with with their friends on social media.

Or if you have a wide range of # followers on social and you LOVE vlogging and posting than use it to maximize traffic to your store and create a buzz around your brand.

The thing is – in order to keep going you need to feels the success (even is it’s small one) that will drive you to the next mile stone and persistence matters.

Rule #2 - delegate, don't do everything on your own !!!

Some of your tasks don’t require your expertise . Those are mainly a daily routine tasks that consume lot of your time for example : update your inventory between the stores so you will not oversell , checking inventory that will soon get out of stock, contacting clients for review and feedback. For example – if you are running a store with 1000 listings and you need to make sure every day that your stock is up tp date. Does it really make sense to manually search and update the quantities ? instead you can automate this process with an inventory app like shopUpz and work other urgent topics that requires your skill sets and your creativity. Same goes if you need to send emails to clients of new product launch or a price drop offering. Sending email one by one will consume lots of your time instead to sending all the emails at once in a bulk.

Your time matters , don’t waste it. Automate!

Rule #3 - define short term goals, keep it lean !!!

You probably are very ambitious and have set high goals. The challenge is that this is a long journey and it’s harder to measure and get to those goals.

Set small goals for the next 2 weeks . For example – generate 50 new leads , generate 3 new reviews and 2 posts on social media.

Those tactics are much more feasible to measure and learn from.

There are variety of answers to the question “in what should I invest my time” . There is no right or wrong answer , that’s why it’s best to create a mix of tactics for every 2 weeks and than measure what worked best for you. Has social media posts really drove new leads? new conversions ?

Price drop and sending coupon have really made an impact ? So measuring actions will give you the insights that you need to move forward.

To summarize – time is money. Make sure that you use it for the right things.

Don’t waste it on things that you can automate and make the “Actions” that will bring value to your business . Don’t think too much of long term strategy , make small iterations and measure.

This post has been a great experience for me as well. If there are topics that you want me to explore and discuss ping on the chat or via email

Have a great productive day. Cheers, Shirly.

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