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Shopify eBay best practice and common questions

How long does it take to export listings ?

The app exports your listings immediately. The time it takes to export listings can vary depending on several factors, including the number of listings, the platform's capabilities, and internet speed. Generally, exporting listings can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

Is an SKU required ?

Yes - you must set SKUs to all of your listings and variations. Click here to learn more about SKUs

Do you publish the listings on my eBay store ?

Yes - when you export the listings from Shopify to eBay, the listings are published immediatly and customers will be able to purchase your listings.

Are there additional costs ?

eBay may charge fees for creating new listings and updating existing ones. Please check with eBay for additional costs.

Do you update exiting listings ?

Yes - we update existing listings. Please don't change existing listing category since each category has specific attribute setup and it may fail the update to occur.

What listing attributes are exported from Shopify to eBay ?

View the export listing attributes here

How many listings can I export at once ?

It's best to export 1 listing at first. Once the listing was exported it's recommended to export up to 100 SKUs each time.

The export seems to take too long - what should I do ?

Export listings should take several minutes , depends on the number of SKUs that you tried to export. After 20 minutes you will be able to stop the export. "Stop" button will appear at the progress bar.

Please click on "Activity logs" to view the error and resolve the issue as described here

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