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Export listings from Shopify to eBay

Updated: Jun 18

shopUpz eBay app lets you move your product listings from Shopify to eBay quickly. You can create new listings on eBay directly from Shopify and update existing listings on eBay with just a click. Before exporting listings from Shopify to eBay you need to know:

  • eBay store account - make sure you have completed your eBay Seller Hub verification

  • Exported listings to eBay will be live and published immediatly at your eBay store. It's recommeded to export few listings (up to 10) and make sure that the listings were exported as expected on your eBay store.

  • SKUs - you must provide SKUs to all of your listings and variations

What Shopify attributes we export to eBay ?

  • Title

  • Subtitle - may include additional charges

  • Images (up to 24)

  • Categories - sub categories may include additional charges

  • Item condition - Brand new/Like New/Very Good

  • Condition description

  • Description

  • Location

  • Policies -

  • Shipping policy

  • Return policy

  • Payment policy

Export listings flow

  • Install shopUpz eBay app from the Shopify app market

  • Click on "Get started" button at Export listing section inside the dashboard

  • Select eBay Location if exists. In case you do not have eBay location click on "Create location" and provide the relevant information of your warehouse or store that includes : location name , postal code , country, location instructions, location type & phone.

  • eBay Item Category - select the relevant category.

    • Note - you must select all leaf categories.

    • Change category for existing listing - in case a listing already exists on eBay and you will try to export the same listing to a different category then eBay may block you.

  • Click on "Update Category Item Specifics" button

  • Update category Item Specifics - each eBay category may require additional details e.g. brand, size etc...

    • Note - switching to a different eBay category will require to update category item specifics attributes again

  • Select eBay Item listing condition

  • Select eBay Item Listing Format - Fixed or Auction

    • Note - Listings with variations cannot be used with auction listings

  • Select Field mapping - you can check "Fixed quantity" option in case you want to set fixed quantity to all of the export listings and variations. In case this option is not checked then the app will set Shopify listing/variations quantities to eBay.

    • Note eBay quantity has to be > 0

  • Select Shopify listings - you can select either specific listings or collections to export

    • Note - In case you are new with our app, it's recommended to export few listings (around 10) in order to make sure that listings were exported succesfully on eBay.

  • Click on export listings to start exporting your Shopify listings into eBay

    • Note - export listings operation may take up to 20 minutes. In case export takes more than 20 minutes it means that an error occured. You will be able to cl

  • Export listings progress - Congrats! You are not redirected to "Activity logs" :-)

    • Inside activity logs you will be able to view all of the listings that you tried to export and the relevant status:

      • Succeeded - the listing will be published on eBay

      • Failed - you have recieved an error. Click on the error message to view the full error. Here are the details of common errors and resolutions [TBD]

    • Stop button - In case the export is running more than 20 minutes , it means that an error has occured. "Stop" button will appear and you will be able to stop the export process , view the issues and export again.

Stop button will appear after 20 minutes in case of an error

Common errors and resolution

In case your listing was not exported , click on the error message to view the full error. Here are the common errors and resolutions

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