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Export your Shopify listings to multiple Etsy stores

In case you are running multiple Etsy accounts and you would like to publish your Shopify listings to your Etsy account here is the way to do it.

Note - you can connect shopUpz app to one Etsy store at a time.

Following are the steps :

  • Use chrome browser

  • Login to the relevant Etsy store that you want to export your listings.

  • Make sure that you logged out from your other Etsy stores

  • Enter to shopUpz app and click on connections tab

  • Click on the bin icon and remove the existing connection (as displayed in the screenshot below)

  • Reload the app

  • Click on authenticate button and connect the app to the new Etsy store

  • Start exporting your listings to your new Etsy account :-)

  • In case you haven't succeeded to connect to your new Etsy store please delete Etsy cookies and repeat the steps above. Happy sales :-)

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