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Sync quantities common issues and solutions

Updated: Apr 2

shopUpz inventory makes sure that your quantity is aligned between both of your Etsy and Shopify stores.

Our quantity sync is bi-directional based on matching SKUs . When quantity changes on Etsy ,shopUpz will update Shopify vice versa.

You can also select one direction at the advanced settings page :

  • Shopify quantities will override Etsy quantities. Etsy will NOT update Shopify.

  • Etsy quantities will override Shopify quantities. Shopify will Not update Etsy

In case you find gaps with quantities please make sure that your listings are configured as follows:

  1. Duplicate SKUs - you may use the same SKU in different listings in the same Shopify or Etsy store. For example "Red Shirt" can appear in both "Best seller" & "Sales" categories and that's ok. Problem - you can NOT use the same SKU in different variations of the same listing. Solution Solution - please set different SKUs per variations of the same listing.

  2. Sold out - listing with sold out status on Etsy has to be manually reactivated on Etsy. Problem - restocking SKU (set quantity >0) on Shopify for a listing with status "sold out" on Etsy will not update Etsy quantity. Solution - please update Etsy listing to active with the right quantity and shopUpz app will automatically update your Shopify listing based on the same SKU.

3. Batch update - updating multiple quantities at once manually or via automated solutions. Problem - quantity is not updated as expected. Solution - please reactivate manually sold out listings on Etsy. Wait 30 minutes and then update all of the other quantities on Shopify or Etsy.

4. Etsy variations settings - please make sure that all of your Etsy variations have quantities and SKUs as described here The right way to configure your Etsy variations

5.Export quantities - you can export to CSV and view all of your Etsy and Shopify quantities side by side by using our export quantities .

Happy sales :)

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