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Import Etsy listings to Shopify - common errors and resolution

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

There can be many reasons for getting errors while trying to import your listings from Etsy to Shopify.

In order to find the error and resolve it please click on "Import listings" -> "Sync history" tab ->click on the error message as described here

Product Handle in Shopify -

Product handle in Shopify is a unique name given to a product in Shopify. A product handle is used to generate it's URL on your onlne store.

Here is how you can find your Shopify product handle :

  • Go to a live product page on your store

  • The product handle is everything after product/ in the product URL

You can see that the live URL is generated based on your product title

Conculsion - handle (product title) needs to be unique. Please make sure to set unique title per product.

Common errors :

Handle -

  • {"handle":["has already been taken"]} - as mentioned above. Your product title on Shopify needs to be unique. In case you are getting this error please change the title to be unique and re-export.

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