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Top 3 Shopify-Etsy Integration Apps

Etsy and Shopify are among the world’s biggest players in the eCommerce industry. And any growth-minded business knows better than to pass up an opportunity to boost sales. Most online shops sell their commodities on both the Shopify and Etsy platforms to expand their market reach as well as reap the unique benefits that each eCommerce platform has to offer their business

While it is ideal for growing businesses to exhaust all possibilities to increase sales and make a profit, managing more than one online shop can be overwhelming and easily backfire for an unprepared entrepreneur.

Fortunately, technology continues to provide efficient solutions for managing eCommerce-related activities more effectively and conveniently. Are you ready to drive your business to growth unlike anything before? Because we are about to show you the top three apps to get for your growing Shopify and Etsy shops.

1. ShopUpz: Etsy-Shopify Integration App

Managing your Shopify and Etsy shops separately feels like running two different businesses—it is time-consuming, draining, and leads to inaccuracies that can cost you money. Save valuable time and energy to spend on value-adding business activities instead and get this Etsy-Shopify integration app.

The app’s main function is to streamline your inventory management on both Etsy and Shopify by integrating your export listings (coming soon) from one platform to the other, syncing your SKUs and stock quantity, and replicating the orders from Etsy to Shopify and vice versa.

Without this app, entrepreneurs would have to manually update their inventory which not only entails a lot of time but also increases the chances of making errors and discrepancies in the business inventory. ShopUpz solves issues on overselling, underselling, complicated migration, and complex maintenance procedures which are all linked to inefficient inventory management. With ShopUpz, you get real-time access to updates on your stock quantity, order quantity, returns and refunds, and other valuable insights needed to run your business smoothly.

2. Klaviyo: Email Marketing Platform

Klaviyo is e-marketing made easy. No coding is needed as the app offers more than 100 pre-built integrations to maximize the true potential of your online business and marketing data. With the click of a button, you can send targeted messages, personalized emails, customized sign-up forms, and automated reminders to abandoned carts on your eCommerce stores. Get access to unlimited valuable marketing data that you can use to personalize your product recommendations and content to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Klaviyo scales with your business so you won’t have to slow down nor switch platforms as your business grows. This Etsy-Shopify integration app can be your partner from being a humble start-up to a billion-dollar business.

3. ShipStation: Order Fulfillment App

Faster, easier, and more affordable shipping—this is what the ShipStation app guarantees. Marketing your products online and converting them to actual sales is one thing but the order fulfillment phase is what makes or breaks your business. With ShipStation, you can go global in an instant by syncing and shipping your commodities from wherever you are to anywhere in the world through simple international shipping.

ShipStation automates your shipping process and can batch-print your labels within minutes. It connects to your Shopify store in a few clicks to provide you with real-time updates on shipping. The app offers your customers transparency of the shipping process to show that your brand is one that they can trust.

Offer your bulk buyers and return customers special shipping discounts to appease them as the app allows you to compare delivery rates and timeframes in real-time across different couriers.

ShipStation integrates your order management across different selling platforms in one place to make order fulfillment and shipping easy and accessible.

Shopify or Etsy? Get the best of both worlds and use these Etsy-Shopify integration apps to realize your full business potential and scale your business to new heights. Use ShopUpz for inventory management, Klaviyo for email and SMS marketing, and ShipStation for shipping and delivery management.

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