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Managing Etsy vs Shopify inventory

The process of organizing and maintaining stock across the supply chain is known as inventory management.

Inventory control is an important aspect of running a successful store. Your inventory management system does more than just keep track of what you have on hand. This useful software displays your buying cycles have changed over time and how often you need to refill to stay up with demand.

If you run an Etsy or Shopify business, you will notice that the two platforms handle inventory differently.


Inventory tracking can help you avoid selling out-of-stock items and alert you when you need to order or manufacture more. In Shopify's Inventory section, you may set up inventory tracking, monitor your inventory, and update your inventory. For products and variants whose inventory is tracked by Shopify, you can also see the history of inventory modifications.

You can check your inventory, update your inventory counts, and create inventory transfers on the Inventory page in your Shopify admin. You can also enable inventory tracking for a product and view the history of inventory adjustments for items and variants.

Set up Inventory Tracking for your Products:

• Go to the store admin portal and log in.

• Go to Products and look for the product whose inventory you'd like to keep track of.

• For products with variants, go to the Inventory section, click Edit beneath the variant you want to track, and select, product's inventory, from the drop-down option.

You can see the history of inventory modifications if you're using Shopify to track a product's inventory. If the product contains variants, you can view the inventory history for each version separately, but not all of the variants at once. For each product or version, you can only see the last 90 days of inventory history.


Etsy is a fantastic platform for artisans and suppliers of supplies and commodities like paints, hardware, and fabrics. Etsy provides a number of features that can be used to keep track of product inventory quantity levels.

For listings, quantity can be used to show how many of these products you have for sale. In 2017, Etsy made some long-awaited changes that made it possible to adjust quantity at the variation level as well. You can set the available amount on the add or edit form for listings or use the Quick Edit mode instead. For listings and variations, SKU tracking is also possible. This enables you to assign a unique code to each of your products, which can subsequently be cross-referenced with your own internal inventory management systems if necessary. SKUs are now visible on order invoices, so make sure your codes are appropriate for the customer to view as well.

How to list an unlimited number of items on Etsy ?

For individuals that offer self-manufactured things, on-demand products, or items that are refilled with consistency, the 999-inventory count restriction becomes a problem.

Setting the quantity to a very high amount or directly 999 is the best thing to do when listing such things on Etsy. This will inform potential clients that there is no limit to the number of items available for purchase.

You must also activate the automatic replenishment when you set the inventory count to a low amount, such as 1 for on-demand products. However, you will be charged $0,20 in listing fees each time the product is refilled.

The purpose of inventory management is to reduce the expense of holding inventory while maintaining stable stock levels and getting products into customers' hands as quickly as possible. It's the beating heart of any successful retail operation. ShopUpz Makes Etsy Shopify Integration Quick and Easy

If a smart and reliable Etsy Shopify integration is what you seek, then look no further! ShopUpz offers a straightforward solution in managing your Shopify and Etsy stores easily.

ShopUpz is an inventory management app that connects your Shopify and Etsy stores in real-time. It makes sure to match your current stock quantity between the two platforms and each time an order is made on one of the stores, it updates the other one automatically. All you have to do is download the app, follow the instructions for Etsy Shopify real time sync, and just make sure that your SKUs match on each platform. ShopUpz will then take your Etsy Shopify inventory management from there!

Clean out your business with ShopUpz! We will streamline your inventory and sales so you can manage them all in one place and save precious time you can spend on growing your business instead!

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