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Manage Your Etsy & Shopify Stores and Go Through November Sales Successfully

The holidays are approaching fast getting more people excited about shopping, dressing up, preparing gifts,

and Of course, growth-minded businesses like you can’t miss this major opportunity to boost sales and grow your company exponentially. But any business, especially e-commerce businesses on Etsy and Shopify, who has experienced selling through the holiday season is getting flashbacks of order backlogs, overtimes, and overselling.

This season, be prepared and operate in smooth sailing through a smart Etsy Shopify integration solution.

What it Means when You're Managing an Etsy and Shopify Store

Shopify and Etsy are two of the top eCommerce platforms popular among millions of online proprietors across the globe. If you’re an online entrepreneur and are wondering why you should sell on both platforms instead of focusing on just one, here are the benefits of selling on both Etsy and Shopify:

· Each platform attracts a different market hence, you get more exposure. Etsy is best known for independent retailers like craftsmen, artists, antique dealers, and small companies. Meanwhile, Shopify is a more comprehensive platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. Simply put, choosing to sell on just one of the platforms will cause you to miss an opportunity to reach an entirely different market than what you currently have.

· They offer scalability. Selling your goods both on Etsy and Shopify allows you to scale your business faster and easier because these platforms are already well-known in the eCommerce industry. You won’t have to find customers yourself, they will come to you through these platforms.

· You get the best of both worlds. Etsy is not a substitute for Shopify or vice-versa. Each one offers unique features that add value to your business. Etsy can give you access to more buyers and has an easy-to-use interface requiring little to no technical skill while Shopify allows more customization to build your brand image.

Selling on both the Etsy and Shopify platforms is non-negotiable if you want to maximize your business’s potential for growth. But managing both at the same time comes with a gamut of challenges:

· Complex Etsy Shopify inventory management. It will take you a lot of time and energy to manually update your inventory every time you make a sale on each platform. Not to mention the hassle when accounting for returned goods or damaged items.

· Overstocking or overselling. Not having precise information about your inventory can lead you to believe you have more stock on hand than you actually do. You’ll end up frustrating customers when you cancel their orders because you just don’t have the stock to fulfill them.

· Inaccurate order management. It can be easy to mix up orders with another and have inconsistencies in your product information when selling on multiple platforms affecting your brand reputation.

Is Connecting Shopify to an Etsy Shop Possible?

The short answer is yes. Etsy Shopify integration is the solution for businesses struggling to manage their Shopify and Etsy outlets. An Etsy Shopify integration is basically connecting Shopify to an Etsy shop (which you both own), so you can manage your inventory, orders, and other business operations better.

Here are real reasons to consider integrating your Shopify store into your Etsy shop:

  1. You can manage your inventory in real-time.

  2. Etsy Shopify integration saves you time, effort, and cost unlike manually updating your stocks on excel sheets which can take weeks of labor.

  3. It reduces canceled orders resulting in better customer rapport.

  4. It is easier to track your finances so you can make more informed decisions for the growth of your business.

ShopUpz Makes Etsy Shopify Integration Quick and Easy

If a smart and reliable Etsy Shopify integration is what you seek, then look no further! ShopUpz offers a straightforward solution in managing your Shopify and Etsy stores easily.

ShopUpz is an inventory management app that connects your Shopify and Etsy stores in real-time. It makes sure to match your current stock quantity between the two platforms and each time an order is made on one of the stores, it updates the other one automatically. All you have to do is download the app, follow the instructions for Etsy Shopify real time sync, and just make sure that your SKUs match on each platform. ShopUpz will then take your Etsy Shopify inventory management from there!

Clean out your business with ShopUpz! We will streamline your inventory and sales so you can manage them all in one place and save precious time you can spend on growing your business instead!

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